Zvoneček is Montessori pre-school with bilingual English-Czech program, registered
in registry of schools of Czech Ministry of Education.
The school is dedicated to children from (2,5) 3 – 6 (7) years.
Basis of our work is holistic pedagogical legacy of Dr. M.Montessori a J.Á.Komenský.
We create a loving and warm environment which is helpful in children’s natural development.
We actively cooperate with parents in workshops, during parent’s observations of children working in the classroom, and common parents-children creative sessions.
All our pedagogical staff members are dedicated to their work with children. The school venue is located in direct proximity of large Karlik forest.
We offer wide spectrum of after-school enrichment activities.


We are in close contact with nature.
Three times a year the parents receive summary report on their child development.
We support and help parents in critical periods in child upbringing.




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